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Franchising – How it Works!

Take a fresh approach to an old problem. Identify a better solution, refine it, document it and patent it. Now you’ve turned an old problem into a unique new opportunity that can be duplicated anywhere in the world.

Then define a process for delivering this new opportunity to your customers. Test it, improve it and again document it. You’ve just created a system for gaining customers and keeping their loyalty.

Now make a long term commitment to continuous research and development of your market area. This will maintain your position at the top of your industry for a long time to come.

Now what you have is a unique business opportunity, that almost anybody can reproduce in their own area, that guarantees a very high rate of success and should be maintainable at the top of it’s industry sector long into the future.

This is what Chem-Dry has done, and you too can profit from it.

In 1977, Robert Harris, a law student and the founder of Harris Research Inc. and the Chem-Dry® brand name, from personal experience, identified a need to improve the method of carpet cleaning. In those days, having your carpets cleaned meant they could be wet for days with the risk of shrinkage and mildew, and they would probably re-soil very rapidly because of the amount of sticky soapy detergents residues retained in the carpet after cleaning. Recognising the importance of foaming bubbles in the cleaning process, Robert Harris invented a water based stain dissolving liqiud which would contain millions of tiny carbon bubbles. This cleaning formula, which used only about 10% of the amount of water used in “steam cleaning” proved to be extremely effective and suffered from none of the problems associated with the then current steam or shampoo cleaning methods.

Since then, Harris Research Inc. have developed, the cleaning solution to a point which was previously considered to be impossible, a Hot Carbonating Cleaner, new carpet and upholstery protectants, and a full range of specialist spot removers. Every year, the R & D department release newer more effective cleaning products that are exclusively available to Chem-Dry Franchisees, and keep them years ahead of any.

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